Event DateClassDetails/Register
1/24/2020Fastener Technical TerminologyDetails/Register
2/21/2020Fasteners for Gasketed JointsDetails/Register
3/20/2020Locknuts - Inch and Metric, spec by specDetails/Register
4/17/2020Grade 2, 5 and 8 Bolts and NutsDetails/Register
5/1/2020Fastener Failures - Case StudiesDetails/Register
5/15/2020Understanding ASME B18.6.3 - Machine Screws & Tapping ScrewsDetails/Register
6/19/2020Non-Threaded Fasteners: Rivets, Pins, Retaining Rings, Keys, Keyways and WashersDetails/Register
6/30/2020How Are Fasteners Tested? The Basics of Fastener TestingDetails/Register
8/18/2020Troubleshooting Common Fastener Quality IssuesDetails/Register
9/18/2020Fastener Finishes & K Factor Determination - when Tight is RightDetails/Register
9/22/2020Fundamentals of Fastener Platings and CoatingsDetails/Register
10/21/2020Basics of Manufacturing Stainless Steel FastenersDetails/Register
11/17/2020Fastening 101 - Understanding Threaded Fasteners & the Industry that Produces ThemDetails/Register
11/24/2020Understanding the Value Your QMS BringsDetails/Register
12/15/2020Understanding the Basics of Aerospace Fasteners Part 1 & 2Details/Register
2/16/2021Basic Fastener Metallurgy and Heat TreatmentDetails/Register
Date TBDWhy Does That Part Cost So Much - exploring fastener cost driversDetails/Register
Date TBDFastener Materials - Non Steel (Stainless, Aluminum, Titanium, Copper Alloys, Nickel AlloysDetails/Register
Date TBDUnderstanding the Most Important Metric Fastener Material StandardsDetails/Register
Date TBDOil and Gas Industry Fastener Standards Usage and IssuesDetails/Register
Date TBDIFI Technical Resources - FreeDetails/Register